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    Discovery of New Nodes

      This may seem pretty sad, however, the individual responsible for setting up our data network nodes on Solarwinds was let go and other folks now have to pick up the pieces. One problem is she handled all of the Solarwinds functions. We have new devices installed in our network not showing up in Solar Winds. How do you tell Soalr Winds to discover a new node ? We have configured the nodes with all the correct parameters for SNMP, traps, etc. However, the nodes are not showing up in Soalr Winds.
      Any help would be appreciated.

      Scott Rakes
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          All you have to do now is the use the orion Network performance monitor(under start/progs/orion)

          and click on NEW from the options in the top left of the screen.

          This will enable you to add add new node and to put in the community string.

          Once you have done this it will show the device and all of it's interfaces.

          You then check the interfaces that you want to monitor and click ok.

          That should be it