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    Rows in UDP tabular web display don't populate


      I'm attempting to display tabular data from a custom UDP on a node's web display and followed the instructions here:


      Set up a multi-column table with custom device poller - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


      Everything goes fine when creating the custom UDP in Orion Universal Device Poller and editing the web settings as described in the link above, but I get no row data in the web display.  I get column headings and that's it:


      Web View

      Testing against the node in MIB browse works and shows the table data for every OID I'm attempting to display:

      Browse MIB

      I'm selecting existing column names for the row labels:

      Column Names


      The advanced options for each OID are Raw Value, GET TABLE, and Node polling. 


      Here are the web view settings for the web display table example above:

      Web Display Settings


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.