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    Top XX Volumes by Disk Space Used filter by custom property


      I would like to use the widget: "Top XX Volumes by Disk SpaceUsed".  I created Volume custom properties called  "Mute_Volume".  We have many DVR's that are always around 99% - 100% for disk space.  I would like to filter out these DVR's volume from the DVR's form showing on the "Top XX Volumes by Disk Space Used" widget. The DVR's have 2 volumes C:\ and where the DVR data goes.  I don't want to exclude the C:\ drive volumes from this query.  In SWQL Studio I created this and it works.



          nd.NodeID, nd.Caption, vol.Caption, vol.VolumeType, vol.VolumePercentUsed


          Orion.Nodes AS nd INNER JOIN Orion.Volumes AS vol ON (nd.NodeID = vol.NodeID)

      INNER JOIN Orion.VolumesCustomProperties AS volCP ON (volCP.VolumeID = vol.VolumeID)


          vol.VolumeType = 'Fixed Disk' AND

          vol.VolumePercentUsed BETWEEN 90 AND 100 AND

          volCP.Mute_Volume != 'TRUE'

      ORDER BY vol.VolumePercentUsed DESC


      However, I'm unable to filter the widget to remove the DRV's data volume.  I have tried:
      Mute_Volume != 'TRUE'

      VolumesCustomProperties.Mute_Volume != 'TRUE'

      Orion.VolumesCustomProperties.Mute_Volume != 'TRUE'


      Any Ideas?