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    Assets - Reservations


      Good afternoon,


      I looked into the Assets -> Reservations option of WHD.


      To book assets in and out is straight forward (to some extend). But if I try to get some metrics out of this functionality I am not successful.


      • I can create a list of all assets that are resealable. This gives me an inventory list off all devices we have available to lent to our clients.
      • I can't find a way to generate a report that shows me what is out at the moment (and to push it, when we expect it back).
      • I can't figure out how often a device was lent to a client. This would be handy if I want to know if we should keep this device, or if there is a high volume of usage maybe to get a 2nd device.


      We use WHD 12.5.2 and added our assets into the database manually.


      Did you work with WHD Reservations systems and came across these queries and maybe solved it?


      Thank you for your help.




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          Basically the reservation system is extremely basic, there is no reporting, no way to link reservations to a ticket, thus no reporting that way. There are a number of open enhancement requests you may want to take a look at Web Help Desk Feature Requests

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              Thank you for your information, saves me a lot of additional time searching (after 2 hours yesterday).


              I did not read all the posts for Reservations, but it seems that nobody was asking for reporting. I thought it would be very useful to find out effect fullness of the service provided and potential needs for amendments.


              Maybe I put in a suggestion for change.