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    Agents vs WMI polling


      Our store tech team have asked if we can start monitoring and alerting on state of application running on a nuc in store, trial has worked fine using WMI however total number of devices is going to exceed 900 by the time the rollout has finished and polling rate is already 80% what with everything else we are polling, would using local agents on the NUC (its running windows 7, 64bit) be less of a load on the polling server than WMI?




      Current polling rates below;


      Type of Polling EnginePrimary
      Polling Engine VersionSolarWinds Orion Core Services 2017.3
      Installer language selectionKlingon
      Operating system regional settingVulcan
      IP Address<munchcrunchmunch.....blurp>
      Last Database Sync5 seconds ago
      Polling Completion100
      Network Node Elements2679
      Volume Elements6567
      Interface Elements11013
      UnDP Polling Rate0% of its maximum rate.
      Routing Polling Rate4% of its maximum rate.
      SAM Application Polling Rate7% of its maximum rate.
      Polling Rate80% of its maximum rate.
      SAM Windows Scheduled Tasks Polling Rate0% of its maximum rate.
      Hardware Health Polling Rate23% of its maximum rate.
      Fibre Channel Polling Rate0% of its maximum rate.
      Wireless Polling Rate2% of its maximum rate.
      VIM VMware Polling Rate1% of its maximum rate.
      Total Job Weight3627
      Number of HW Health Monitors713
      Number of HW Health Sensors2161
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          I don't think you would see any decrease in the polling rate. The issue is that you are WAY over extended on this polling engine and you require a secondary poller at this time. The max number of elements per polling engine should not exceed 12k elements and you have 20,259. The number of interfaces you're polling seems to be the biggest impact. Unless you intend to get a secondary poller, the next step should be to reconsider which interfaces you're polling. Typically you only needcritical interfaces such as WAN, uplink, internet links etc. By default when you run a discovery or add a node, SolarWinds will pull in every active interface and in most situations it isn't necessary to have them all. You can probably search right now at least for Null0's and delete those interfaces at minimum. I'm an Engineer with Loop1 and we provide professional/consultative SolarWinds services. Feel free to DM me or reach out to me via email at the link below if you have further questions (no cost).





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