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    How to ensure ALL current and future drives/volumns are monitored?


      Problem: DBAs love to add/change drives and drive configuration on the fly without anything resembling Change Management and then blame us when a drive fills up/fails.

      Question: How can we ensure that any new drive/volume additions are included in monitoring?


      It would seem that selecting "All Volumes", then deselecting selected items, that future added disks would be included... yes?


      Example here setting up a new node Resources to monitor: 


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          I really, really, really with this was built in functionality.  I believe finding "dead/changed" interfaces has been added to the newest versions of NPM, but not volumes


          I've seen this question asked before on the forums, and the only answer I personally have is still mostly a manual process:

          1. To find new volumes: To run the network discoveries over every so often and manually add any new volumes found

          2. To find volumes that "are no longer there": I have a custom report with this SWQL as the "data source".  I run it daily.  When the report returns results,  I go into "manage nodes" and delete the grey/"no longer present" volume.  Usually when a volume disappears from a node a "new one" was added to the node (as Orion sees it, even if it has the same drive letter) so I then I add any new volumes as well. I go to the node and do a "list resources" (may have to "force refresh" as it caches the old resource list) and add any new volumes.


          The SWQL query I use is:


          SELECT NodeID, VolumeID, Caption,StatusIcon, Type, Responding, FullName, LastSync, VolumeType, VolumeDescription

          FROM Orion.Volumes

          where Responding = 'N'

          and StatusIcon like 'Down%'

          order by NodeID