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    Trigger alert per occurrence of sometimes very frequent conditions? i.e. <15seconds


      Running a trial of Log Manager for Orion to see how it meets a big requirement for us to purchase: We need a log manager based alert triggered each time a condition is met by a log manager rule- so for each occurrence of a give string, there should be a separate alert fire.  Ex: if the string "job X failed" occurs at 12:30:10, 12:30:15, 12:30:16, the desire is to have 3 separate events triggered.  The best I've been able to do is get 1 alert to trigger every 15 seconds.  So, when setting the shortest allowed period for evaluating the trigger condition to 15 seconds, there will be many cases of "job X failed" events that will be missed. 


      If Log Manager for Orion isn't the best tool for this.  Any ideas on what is?