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    NCM IOS Push to ASA Errors Out


      I get the following failure when I push a vanilla version of the template.


      Upgrade Operation Started at 8/24/2018 11:59:38 AM



      Upgrading node ASAHOST


      Writing config to NvRAM...


      write memory

      Building configuration...

      Cryptochecksum: 83c19da9 ac571e1a f79e45aa 55acd6fc

      16375 bytes copied in 1.760 secs (16375 bytes/sec)




      Uploading Firmware Image asa917-29-k8.bin on device disk0:/ ...


      copy tftp://<ipofsw>/asa917-29-k8.bin disk0:/


      Address or name of remote host [<ipofsw>]?


      Source filename [asa917-29-k8.bin]?


      Destination filename [asa917-29-k8.bin]?


      Accessing tftp://<ipofsw>/asa917-29-k8.bin...


      WARNING: TFTP download incomplete!


      %Error reading tftp://<ipofsw>/asa917-29-k8.bin (Unspecified Error)


      dir disk0:/ ${SuccessRegEx:asa917-29-k8.bin}


      Directory of disk0:/


      127004672 bytes total (31154176 bytes free)


      ERROR Process could not continue because execution results do not match expected pattern: asa917-29-k8.bin






      Upgrade Error on node ASAHOST. Operation interrupted