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    Service Call response rates


      Is there an area within WHD where you can set the service call response rate, for example, Urgent calls in less than 15 minutes, serious in less than 60 minutes, etc. and pull up reports for it?  Or is there someplace in WHD where this already exists?


      Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can offer.

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          Are you referring to Time Until Due?  You can tweak those settings via Setup > Tickets > Priority Types & Alerts.

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              Thanks for your response but I'm referring to the time it takes just to respond to the call, versus actually resolving it.  For example, an Urgent call must be responded to in less than 15 minutes (call response rate), though it may take 45 minutes to resolve it (call resolution rate).  So I'm referring to the call response rate, wondering if there is such a thing in WHD, or if it can be created.  Thanks again.

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              garciann  In case you didn't know this, just wanted to mention that if you go into existing notes

              on a ticket, then click on the date of the note, there is a button there for Date Override where you can actually change

              the date on that note. If you do, it shows an asterisk next to the date when the notes are listed in history.

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                In the Priority Types and alerts you could set an alert for ticket not updated in xx business minutes after creation and also have that email out to someone.  You could then create a report based on the alert level which should list all relevant tickets.




                Set Priority Type Alert Level 1 to Not Updated in 15 business minutes of creation.


                Create a ticket report with the bar category of whatever is useful to you and set the time range for a relevant reporting period,

                Change the Date attribute to 'Date Opened'  and set the report filter to Alert Level includes Level 1.


                This should give you a list of all tickets logged within the specified time period which were flagged as alert level 1