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    Complete Noob, need report assistance


      I am hoping someone has already done something similar, or that this is an easy one.....I am not a sql guy, so I am struggling big time.  I am monitoring our APC devices, but need to be able to provide to upper management a report that shows the following:


      * Running on Battery

      * Oversubscribed

      * Less than 10 minutes runtime

      * Battery Expired

      * Offline


      I also need to sort it by our custom properties, which are "Market" and "Location_ad"........


      Any chance anyone has a similar report built in Report writer, that can share the queries used?  I have the APC Universal Device Poller setup in Solarwinds, just need to know how to get it out.  Can't offer much more than my undying admiration and perhaps a nice, crisp Hi Five at some point..



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          If you are running NPM v12.3, then most if not all of the data variables you list are already available if you select Custom Table as the content type, and then select "UPS" as the category you want to report on. If any of the variables you need are not in the list, you could still get them by creating custom Mode pollers using the Universal Device poller tool and then creating the report based on that data. Grouping by the custom properties is easy. Just make sure each UPS has the proper value assigned, and then Group By the property on the Edit Resource page. As for the "less than 10 minutes runtime" requirement, you would need to add that as a condition on the initial Add Content page.


          Does this help?