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    Upgrade to RC 12 update


      Got a notification that RC 12 for DPA was available and supported.


      Went ahead and did an inplace update and it worked flawlessly.   Awesome job.   Love the new updates.

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          Good to hear.  Have you had a chance to dig into Query Performance Analysis or Table Tuning Advisor?  It could take a day or two for the data to fully populate for Table Tuning.  

          If you solve some new problems, let us know here - screenshots appreciated! 

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              Ill check back in in a few days with that data (once it starts building it).


              We started out with AppInsight for SQL through SAM and found some HUGE problems with some table index fragmentation, queries blowing out performance, and just things that "went red" during crisis calls.    With those big wins people started asking "who is doing those queries, what did it look like last friday, from what computer did those queries come from, etc etc etc...   


              I told them I couldnt necessarily see that info from AppInsight, but Solarwinds makes DPA that they have been trying to sell me for a while now.  Lets buy a single license and move it around as we need it.   


              That single license started to solve world hunger across our organization and people started fighting over it.  The DBA's initially hated it but seem to appreciate it sometimes- 

              We went from 1 license to 12  (people saw the value in historical monitoring).   Now the oracle EE peeps wanted a couple of licenses and we just got those installed (a little more tricky).

              We have helped solve some other vendor issues (vendor databases) for like Ricoh Secure Print.   We identified several issues with their db's and they released a few hotfixes to their customer base due to our findings.  


              Pretty cool stuff-   worth our investment so far.