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    Custom Reporting Setup


      Hi all,


      Was advised by technical support to post something here to see if anyone would be able to assist.


      I want to setup custom reports to match the below criteria;


      1. Require a report showing the total time a site latency time has
        been above the agreed minimum latency threshold of 200ms, 700ms and 800ms per
      2. Require a report showing the total time a site has been down
        excluding downtimes caused by power outages, acts of god, or other factors.
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          what do you mean with "site" a  data center, an office, an submarine or moon base? What latency you want to check? between two sites or from a central site to all others?


          The easiest way: take a node in the site do a ping test and check the latency.


          You may also look at the NetPath service. It can check the network path between a Solarwinds Poller and a TCP service (IP address/DNS name and port) on the other site. Only limitation: No proxy or natting should be in between. The NetPath service records the latency and shows you the point in the network connection to the site where you have a problem.


          Kind regards,


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            Hi all,


            My apologies for the mishap with the sharing, I meant to remove all groups and thought I did and only realised after the damage was done :-(

            Appreciate your responses and feedback. Taking this up with a partner to assist with the setups.