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    MS Cluster - Resource Down Alert


      I am currently migrating our system monitoring from SCOM to Solarwinds. I cannot find a way to get the get display and reporting what I need in Solarwinds.


      In SCOM I have it setup, that when a resource goes down I get an email alert with the Node name, which resource is down, and time it went down. I need something similar in Solarwinds. I have enabled both Microsoft Windows Server 2012-2012 R2 Failover Cluster and (Advanced).


      Example of my SCOM Alert:


      Alert: Microsoft.Windows.Cluster.Resource.StateMonitoring

      Source: Resource Name

      Path: Server Name and Cluster Name

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        • Re: MS Cluster - Resource Down Alert

          That would be a component down alert. You can go into the triggered actions and alter the default email template to include the information you want in there.

          For instance:


          Component ${N=SwisEntity;M=ComponentAlert.ComponentName} of Application "${N=SwisEntity;M=Application.ApplicationAlert.ApplicationName}" on ${N=SwisEntity;M=Application.Node.Caption} is

          currently in a state of "${N=SwisEntity;M=ComponentAlert.ComponentAvailability}". 


          You can use the Insert Variable button to find the information you're looking for.