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    NCM 7.8


      I am currently working on getting my 3 cisco catalyst 4510 configured in ncm, it will test the creds and work fine. but when it comes to pulling down the configs it will take 30-45 minutes and error out with connection refused?  I have maxed out the cli configurations to see if that resolved the issues?  the trace looks fine just disconnects  it seems odd to have to up the ssh timeout time on the switches?  it is currently 5 minutes?  I have other cisco devices configured and have no issues.    I can use Putty and login and do a sho run and scroll thru the config for a hr and not get disconnected?    Just wondering what other steps i can try?   



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          Something is wrong...

          I have more than 200 Cisco c4500 it’s takes few seconds per switch...

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            gcunningham68 Are you still having this issue? SolarWinds recently released a fix (NCM 7.8 HF1) for a similar issue in NCM 7.8.


            Just in case it helps...


            Similar issues have been resolved in the latest NCM HotFix (NCM 7.8 HF1).

            Orion hotfix release notes - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

            A hotfix bundle for products with Orion 2018.2 was released on September 28, 2018.

            NCM 7.8 Hotfix 1 - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


            Fixed issues

            This hotfix addresses the following issues:

            • NCM no longer produces invalid temp files, which were causing nightly configuration backups to take much longer than usual.
            • NCM is now able to backup and manage configs that contain special characters such as accents.
            • Downloading or backing up configs from Nexus or Cisco ASA devices is no longer slow.
            • NCM no longer creates temporary files with double file extensions, which was causing antivirus software to deny access to the files and preventing NCM backups to fail.




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                I applied 7.8 HF1 last night. One of my back up jobs went from 20 hours to 20 minutes. This is a must have update.

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                    I agree. I only wish they would separate these hotfixes from the product upgrades. We should be able to FIX product "A" without being FORCED to upgrade (not fix) product "B". I really like their new installation method, however, fixing and upgrading should be two completely separate actions. I mean, upgrading should fix things, but fixing something should not requiring upgrading (other products).

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                        I agree, but I realize that there are enough pieces and parts to the Orion stack that a bunch of combinations can't be tested as well as "everything on the latest". Its not a problem that I have with just Orion, I see it with other software also. Now I just plan a regular update that will take a few hours every other month.