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    Hidden notes changing Alert Level stays based on Last Updated?


      Hi all,


      Am I crazy or being gaslighted by SolarWinds?


      When I have used Web Help Desk in the past (for years) adding a note with the "Visible to Client" checkbox UNCHECKED, didn't change the Alert Level status of a ticket that was triggered based on last updated time. This makes sense to me since we have SLA's based on last response time to clients and used Alert Levels to warn techs that they were approaching an SLA.  I also used hidden notes to comment on tickets etc. without affecting the SLA for customer response.A hidden note obviously wouldn't count as updating the client so this worked well.


      I'm not sure when this changed but now, if I add a hidden note, a ticket will change from "Alert Level 'X'" to On Schedule if I add a hidden note.


      Solar Winds is telling me a hidden note updating the last updated time is by design and that if I want that to change I should submit a feature request (which I am sure we can all agree is basically telling me to get lost since the pace at which they add features is so slow I can safely assume it will never be changed even if they agreed).


      Did anyone else use the Alert Levels based on Last Update and did you notice this change?


      On a somewhat related topic why can I create any number of priorities, queues etc. but alert levels are hardcoded?

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          fluffy midnight

          Hi cchambers=cap,


          The hidden note updating the ticket and SLA time for quite some time, in fact I'm quite sure that this was before SolarWinds took over.


          Did you upgrade from a version earlier than 11? If so, you would typically notice this change.



          As for the alert levels being hard-coded, that's because this feature was initially implemented prior to SolarWinds and the requirement at that time was to have a few levels of alert.


          I'm sure that if they were still developing Web Help Desk, this is a feature that would've developed to have an infinite-like number of alert levels.