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    Scheduling Action Rules


      Is this possible? Example: During after hours/weekends I have a rule that auto-closes low-priority/non-critical tickets with an email to the client instructing them to contact their supervisor for assistance or re-create the ticket during normal business hours (this cuts down on ticket noise during low-staff hours as well as promoting end users to read the FAQ's to resolve their own issues).


      Currently I manually enable these rules at the end of the day, and manually disable them in the early morning. I'd like to have a criteria or some kind of trigger that activates the rules after a certain time of day + days of the week.

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          fluffy midnight



          The closest and only way to do automatic ticket closures is by using a status that has the automatic ticket closure after a set period of time.



          Set it to the status and if there's no update after the amount of time you've set, it will automatically close. This will take working business hours into account so it's unlikely you'll be able to get this closing tickets out of hours.


          If you need to close tickets automatically and this isn't good enough for you, you will need to manually apply rules like you've already been doing, or create an automated script such as PowerShell or SQL which will do this on your behalf.