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    Custom Report Question from ticket fields


      I've got a user on one of our help desks requesting a report to be generated to pull information from tickets into a spreadsheet form. Is this possible? I played around with the reporting feature and couldn't figure out how to pull data from a ticket.




      Ticket has several fields and drop down lists to select when doing a ticket. Let's say there is A through D. I want to be able to create a daily report that pulls data from A through D in each tickets for Monday and also be able to do a weekly/monthly data report.


      I want it structured like a spreadsheet. Data A through J is in one row with each header listed above.


      Example of a report generated:

      Ticket #  |  A  |  B  | C  | D

      01234    | xx  | xx  | xx  | xx

      01235    | xx  | xx  | xx  | xx


      Right now the current process is they are manually updating a spreadsheet daily and they also spend a good amount of time checking the data if it's correct. If I could build a report where they can compare things quicker and copy & paste data from the report to the spreadsheet it would save them a lot of time.