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    Large Numbers of Transient IPs Showing Up


      Rookie Question:


      I work for an ISP and I'm deploying new IPv4 subents to replace ranges that are not directly owned by my company. As I cut the scopes over, I expect some IPs to be in "Transient" status for a while until the core router dumps the ARP entries.


      However, I now only have 1 single subnet in each VLAN but still have large numbers of IPs marked as "Transient". I lowered the timer to 1 day, assuming that after 24 hours of being marked transient the IP status would change back to avaialbe. These VLANs are not experiencing any fluctuation in new leases/subscribers, and my DHCP server indicates that there are no active leases for the IPs marked as "Transient".


      I'm missing something in my configuration. Any thoughts or suggestions?