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    Solarwinds Orion with VMAN



      I am asking for help in configuring the orion platform. I have vmware cluster buld of 7 hosts. There are near 50 virtual machines. Two of them are solarwinds virtualization manager.

      First vman appliance on CentOS second one Orion platform installed on Windows server 2016. These vairtual machinas (VMAN's) were integrated. On Orion platform has been installed the primary license and on appliance secondary.

      After upgrede OS CentOS to 6.8 version on appliance the client sofrware does not start.

      I decided to go fully on the Orion platform with VMAN.

      I have had shutdown the VMAN appliance

      Question: How to configure the Orion platform to get view like form appliance?

                      How to start VMAN from Orion Platform?

                      Where I can configure windows with statistics and charts?