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    Custom Application templates not showing up in Application discovery



      I have created custom application templates in SW many time before.  After I create the template, I can run an Application Discovery and scan the devices using the particular template to see if they work.  I recently created about 20 application templates for Various Oracle Servers on the network.  However, when I go through the application discovery process, the templates are NOT available for me to select on the "Select Applications to Find" screen of the wizard.  All of my other custom templates are listed.  I am able to add the templates manually through the Manage Application Template screen, but they do not show up in the wizard.  I have already tried the following:


      1. Added additional and new tags.

      2. Run the configuration wizard (Thought maybe a table was having an issue in the DB)

      3. rebooted the server


      None of these resolved the issue.  We are currently run SAM 6.6


      Has anyone seen this before?  Wanted to check with the community before I sent it to support.