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    Polling and number of elements


      Hi Guys


      Currently our environment has maxed out the number of elements we can monitor.


      From what Ive read , SAM total number of elements are nodes, volumes and network interfaces = total.


      So easy fix would be just to buy another poller but before we go down that path I would like to find out what tweaks and changes people have made to workaround the number of elements.

      I really don't want to start down the path of cutting down on what we monitor as SAM is our only monitoring system but if that is an option I need to consider it.


      Other than the total number of elements our stats look good and nothing on the polling settings are getting maxed out but I am seeing some inconstant results at times.



      Thanks in advance guys!


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          You are correct in how elements are calculated. Each node, volume, and interface counts as an element and each of those together is your total number of elements. So if you're maxed out you must be at or above 12k elements, is that right? One of the biggest things you can do in terms of elements is cut back on the amount of interfaces you're monitoring (if you haven't already). By default, when you run a discovery or add a node, SolarWinds will automatically monitor every active interface but in most environments this isn't necessary. I'm an Engineer with Loop1 and we provide professional/consultative services for SolarWinds. When I look to clean up an environment I always start with looking at what interfaces are being monitored. Things like Null0's should be removed and in some cases loopbacks can also be removed can be removed right away. Generally speaking you want your uplinks and other critical interfaces, other than that you typically don't need to monitor every active interface. I have a bit of free time this morning if you have any questions or I could send a bridge over to show you what that process looks like. Hope this helps!






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