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    Solarwinds Engineers Edition Private MIBS

      I have a problem with private MIBS for the CIsco IGX box (8430)
      Unfortunately there is no support for these MIBS. How does one add Private MIBS here.
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          I don't believe you can add your own mibs.  I think I called SolarWinds about that before and they advised me that wasn't supported.  If you have a MIB that you need supported, I'd suggest you email solarwinds with a suggestion to add it to their next database revision..

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            I spoke with a SolarWinds Rep. and they advised me to email them the MIB and they would post it on the monthly MIB download for Orion.

            He also stated that the new version of Orion will include this feature. I have quite a bit of equipment from the Telecom arena that I need this process performed.
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              I sure hope the new version supports custom MIBs. Those of us who've been customers for years have been waiting and waiting for this feature...

              When did the rep tell you that the latest version would be out?
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                  I posted this elsewhere, but will add to the voices.  Having to send our mibs to a vendor for them to compile is a HUGE waste of time. There needs to be ways to import our mibs in to these solarwinds tools.

                  I am in the process of migrating from Whatsup to Orion, and already have come up with this problem. There are some custom mibs for some legacy A/C units (now owned by Leibert, but NOT supported) that Ill have to "send to the devs and wait...."  which, in my opinion, NOT a good solution. Great that your willing to do that, but when my boss wants those counters added TODAY, well.. you get the idea.


                  PLEASE add this feature to ANY snmp product you push out.