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    SQL INSTANCE Configuration Reporting (RAM and CPU Ccount)


      We are working generating a report that will list all of our SQL Instances, SQL Level, Allocated CPUs and Allocated RAM.  I am trying to create the report in SAM and I cannot seem to find where it lists the SQL instance configuration.  If we had 1 or 2 SQL servers, I could do this by hand, but we have 100+ Instances on our network.


      Any help would be great.  we are currently licensed for SAM and DPA.

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          Allocated CPU is not there (though you could get it by a custom monitor with a simple query).


          This should be the rest of what you want:



          select sq.Name, sq.InstanceName, sq.ProductVersion, sq.ProductLevel, sq.Edition
          ,mem.ComponentStatisticData /1024 as MB
          from [dbo].[APM_SqlBbApplications] sq
          inner join [dbo].[APM_CurrentStatistics]  mem
          on ComponentID = 42 --Total Server Memory
          and sq.ID = mem.ApplicationID