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    SNMP on a APV USV

      I have the "Orion Network Performance" Software und i want see the SNMP info off a APC USV. This USV is conectet with the LAN over a "Web SNMP Management Card" from APC.
      But i get only the info about this networkkcard und not about the USV(e.g. input/output voltage).
      What can i do to get this SNMP info to my "Orion Network Performance Monitor".
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          HI there. I'm new here, but I'll throw in my 2 cents if it helps. You might want to use the MIB walker tool to check for what MIB's you can query. I'll bet the info your looking for is in there, you just have to know which MIB's to look for... SNMP can monitor/manage almost all MIBs, and there are a TON to choose from (I got up to 12,000 on an XP server before I got bored and stopped looking).

          Good luck, and I hope it helps..

          Dave C.

          Senior Network Engineer