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    Using API call to external 3rd party site to update node status in NPM?


      Does anyone know how I can use an API call to an external, 3rd party, web site to update the status of nodes?


      This is the API I want to use: https://portal.<Not a SolarWinds server>.net/api/modems?api_key=<key>.


      The API is polling another vendor that is exposing the status of some devices for us. I cannot directly poll the end devices, I can only get information through their API. I want to have my NPM reflect the current status of the devices based on what the 3rd party is telling me.


      And this is what the response looks like (abbreviated):

      [{"name":"mycompany COP3_e850_1111","DID":100721044,"serial_numer":11113,"status":"OK","status_change":"2018-08-09 18:20:34","status_reason":"Status changed to ChangesPendingDeactivated"},{"name":"mycompany COP1_e850_11113","DID":1111,"serial_numer":11110,"status":"ALARM","status_change":"2018-08-09 18:11:36","status_reason":"UCP timeout: iConnex-e850mp.1111 out of network"},{"name":"mycompany COP4_e850_11112","DID":1121,"serial_numer":11112,"status":"ALARM","status_change":"2018-08-09 18:25:17","status_reason":"UCP timeout: iConnex-e850mp.11112 out of network"}]


      I would like to be able to take the results and set the node as up or down based on it.


      Thanks in advance