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    Tech admin doesn't have admin rights


      I'm running Web Help Desk version 12.5.2 - Build #  I have a user that is setup as an Admin, but when they log into Web Help Desk, all they see is a normal user portal.  How can I make this user an Admin that has full rights to Web Help Desk.  So that they can manage Web Help Desk, and do other administrative duties.

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          Is the Tech linked to a Client?

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            fluffy midnight

            Hi jennjoe4,


            This could be caused by numerous bits, let's see if we can fix this.


            Firstly, when the user logs in, check if there's a blue man in the top-right corner of the browser window, it should look something like this:

            If they have this symbol then they are a technician (tech) as this button will allow them to switch between the tech account and client account. Sorted!



            If this symbol is non-existent and you cannot locate a button to switch to the tech UI, then this user is not a tech and needs to be made into one.


            We should check if the user already has a tech account by logging into an Admin account, navigate to Setup > Techs > Techs, and check if the user has a tech account in the list.


            If you do see a tech account for them, skip to the next section.

                 If you don't see a tech account that refers to them, you will need to create a new account by clicking 'New' on the bottom-right of this page.


                 Now that we're in the tech account configuration for the user, enter their details and make sure the username is the same as the one that they're currently using to log in.

                 Put some gibberish in the password field, this doesn't matter as we are going to link the client account to the tech account.


                 Once done, click save.


            Now that we have a tech account for the user, now we need to link it to the client account. To do this, select the tech account within Setup > Techs > Techs.

            Locate the 'Linked Client' section.

                 If the account is already linked, click the bin-icon next to the name to remove the connected account.

            Now search for the client using their first and last name within the Lookup, select the user from the list (User Name will refer to the account if you have numerous clients with the same name).

            Once selected, click 'Save' on the bottom-right of the page.



            Voila, your issue should now be resolved, let us know how it goes!


            If this is still outstanding after you've gone through these steps, please provide screenshots of:

            • The client UI when you are logged in as the user
            • The configuration of their tech account (tech account details)
            • The configuration of their client account (client account details)