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    TFTP Server not working

      I logged into a Marconi ATM switch to back up its DB for perperation to upgrade it.  It kept failing to write to the file to the computer with the TFTP server.  And the logs in the TFTP server said basicly the same thing.  I tried 2 other TFTP servers on the same PC without setting up anything special and I was able to backup the DB to the PC using these servers fine.  Only 1 TFTP server was running at a time (obviously).  Any one hear of any problems with the TFTP server somtimes just not working for no reason what so ever?

      Brad H
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          This may be a stupid question.  But, have you checked your settings?  Start up the TFTP application and go to File>Configure, then go to the security tab.  Make sure that "transmit and receive files" is selected.  That should work.