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    TFTP-Server.exe a bit large.

      While waiting for 8.117MB SolarWinds-TFTP-Server.exe to download, it seemed to be a bit large for what it does (I was at a remote location, on a noisy dialup trying to get a TFTP server running so I could patch a problem on a Cisco router, so 8MB took forever.)  When I installed it, I could only find enough executables to total about 800K ... expanded ???

      I'm starting to worry, since this TFTP program is "free", does it have any spyware or trojan horses as part of the package causing it to be so big?

      If it's only that big to include all the different flavors of Windows support, might it be possible to package it so that we can choose at download time whether we need Win98, or NT, or 2000, etc.?

      Otherwise, thanks for (eventually a nice program !!!

      (PS. In contrast, IPSwitch WS_FTPLE.exe (client) download is only 691KB and WARFTPD Windows FTP *Server* is only 1.6MB !!)
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          The TFTP Server download is so large because it includes the entire manual (about 8 MB) for all SolarWinds tools.
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            Thanks for the info Don!

            OK, I took a closer look, but I'm still a little confused.

            Installed on a Win98SE machine, I could find about 800KB of executables + 1200KB of other files in the SolarWinds folder under Program Files.  So I could only find 2MB of *uncompressed* product.

            In the TFTP help function I could find the other SolarWind products described, but not really a usage manual.  In any case the help .chm only seems to take about 200KB, so I'm still not sure where the other 6MB is hiding.

            It's cool if in fact there are no trojan horses or spyware, and this *is* a free product that seems to work very well.  But I still wish there was a choice on the download page that would let me customize the download (like OK, I already read the book, let me pick a shorter copy without the manual this time).

            Those people that live their life at a desk attached to a company T3 line might not understand why I would care about 8MB.  But those of us that are pioneers still setting up new Internet connections where only a few shared dial-up lines exist will know why I brought this up.

            Best Regards ... Joe

            PS. Yes, I could have brought TFTP server on a laptop with me, but I didn't know there was a bug in the new router I was installing until I was at the remote sight and it wasn't working.  Getting back to civilization would have been a 100+ mile drive over poorly maintained roads.