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    Cloud Infrastructure Monitor - Reports?


      Has anyone done reporting in Orion on Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring elements?


      My scenario...I have a bunch of AWS accounts, I'm doing CloudWatch API polling and getting all the expected metrics.  Since all my accounts are monitored in orion (and the AWS console is terrible) I thought Orion would be a good place to run a report showing, globally, certain cloud-specific information.  It almost accomplishes what I need, but here's where it is kind of falling apart...


      I want a report that shows all running instances and whether or not they have an elastic IP associated.  I can kind of get at that info by getting a report of all running instances and including a column with the external dns name (which only shows up when there's an elastic IP attached).  However, I have observed some instances where there is an elastic IP associated, but no external dns record...so it's incomplete.


      The available data points for the report do not include the ip addresses, however the ip addresses are shown in the "node details page" for the monitored instances.  Similarly, I'd like to also see the security groups associated, but again, even though i can see that by going to the details page for the instance, I can't get to that info from reports.


      I am using the Custom Table resource...filtering to "status is equal to up" and i've added Owner (account id), description, public dns name, region display name.  Those 4 items work fine, I just can't see a way to get at the ip addres(es) & security group(s) associated to the instances.


      Any thoughts anyone out there?

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          So.....no?  Has anyone out there every tried to do an audit of what security groups are assigned to what AWS EC2 instances across an entire environment?  It's freakin' nightmare...if i could just throw that stuff on an Orion report it sure would be sweet....

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            or maybe someone (like aLTeReGo ) could point me in the direction of a database table where some of this information (cloud instance IP addresses, attached security groups) is stored so i can try to hack together some kind of custom sql report...?

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              Hi Joel,

              I am looking into this for you... I did some digging and I was able to crack part of it into a query but I am still

              coming up empty on the IP addresses. Those don't seem to be in the places I would expect.

              There are tables with a prefix VIM_Cloud and CLM that hold most of the data you are looking for.

              Try the query below for starters on the security groups and I will ping back once I figure out where we stashed the IPs


              SELECT ci.Name, ci.PublicDNSName, ci.PrivateDNSName, csg.SecurityGroupID, csg.SecurityGroupName FROM VIM_CloudInstanceNodes ci, VIM_CloudSecurityGroups csg

              WHERE ci.VirtualMachineID = csg.VirtualMachineID

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                  Here is a more complete SWQL query that should get the IP Addresses as well:


                  SELECT ci.Name, ci.OrionIdColumn,PublicDNSName, ci.PrivateDNSName, csg.SecurityGroupId, csg.SecurityGroupName, vmip.IPAddress

                  FROM Orion.Cloud.Instances ci, Orion.Cloud.SecurityGroups csg, orion.VIM.VirtualMachineIPAddresses vmip

                  WHERE ci.VirtualMachineID = csg.VirtualMachineId AND ci.VirtualMachineID = vmip.VirtualMachineID