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    Switch Port Mapper Problem

      We have a Cisco Catalyst 6509 with 2 gigabit blades and one 10/100 blade all on one VLAN. When I run the switch port mapper, it shows me only blade 5. I does not map out blade 6 and 9.

      We I installed Orion, it can see all the blades without a problem.

      Anyone have ideas how to get this to work?
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          Are you using the default VLAN 1 or have you made your own vlan?  If you don't specify a vlan on the switch port mapper, it will only query for ports belonging to VLAN 1.  If you are using say VLAN 20 as your default for all ports then when you enter the community string put an "@20" on the end of it to query ports belonging to VLAN 20.  I have two 5505's and the switch port mapper sees both my 10/100 and GIG blades.  Not sure what else to tell you...

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