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    Issues with agent monitoring in Azure




      I'm trying to configure an APE in Azure, main pooler and database is hosted on prem. Installation of APE in Azure went without issues, configuration wizard configured it properly, it has green status in "Pooling Enginges" and database is syncing as well.


      Now I'm trying to install agent on the test VM - I point it to the public address of the APE in Azure, installations finishes, node is registered in "Manage Agents" but it's registered with Azure private address and status is showing as unknown, to fix this I edited the node and entered node public address, status is showing properly now however no other data is gathered, it looks like this:



      When I go to list resources following window appears and it's stuck forever:



      When I check installed plugins there are none:



      Is there any way to install plugins manually?

      Firewall is not the issue here as this is just test environment so everything is allowed.


      Any help would be appreciated