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    FTP server denied public IP


      Hi All,


      Has anyone experienced this issue where the FTP server blocked an external public IP address and placed in the IP Access as denied? What follow after is horrific, slowly internal servers that access to the FTP server also get blocked if there is an IP address in the IP Access list.


      The denied IP is not an admin blocking it but the ftp server blocking it. This is what I am experiencing on version:





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          fluffy midnight

          Hi Thomas linux4guru,


          This has happened to me in the past, in my scenario it was caused by the connection being dropped numerous times during the process and Serv-U thought it was some sort of attack which resulted in a blocked IP.


          Unfortunately, I never got down to resolving the issue as we were changing the way our network worked, it resolved itself after all the changes we were making to our environment... However, I hope it may help you try to locate the issue.



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            I figured it out why this happened to me.


            My fix:


            Global --> Limits & Settings --> Settings tab --> Uncheck the box "Block users who connect more than "x" times within "x" seconds for "x" minutes (0 for permanently).


            This was my fix. I no longer have issue after removing this.