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    Escape this IPAM


      Has anyone successfully escaped from this IPAM?  The licensing model of per-ip address is obnoxious  I would never have implemented this given the choice, but I inherited this system.


      There's no import/export functionality?  Even for importing to another version of this same product?  We tried to upgrade from an older version but there is NO WAY to move the data.


      I feel like I might be stuck writing custom code to try to recover our data so that I can move to a more sane platform.

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          what do you mean by saying "We tried to upgrade from an older version but there is NO WAY to move the data."? IPAM does not loose information on upgrade.

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              And there is an import/export function.  Granted, it has some deficiencies since it doesn't preserve groups schemes, but it definitely can import massive numbers of subnets and the info for each address in those subnets.  I used it to migrate over almost a thousand subnets of info earlier this Summer.

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              I think some things need to be clarified.  The only IPs that count toward the license are:

              • Used Addresses
              • Reserved Addresses (The reserved subnet source IP and broadcast IPs are excluded from this count)
              • Transient Addresses


              What version are you trying to upgrade from/to? You should not be losing data performing an upgrade. As far as import/export functionality is concerned, IPAM definitely has this capability. mesverrum is correct. It doesn't preserve group schemes, but we have a fix for that. If you are having trouble with importing/exporting, let me know and we'll be happy to help!