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    IPAM:  How to Gather More Information:  Missing Hostnames


      We are using IPAM to keep track of 250+ subnets that are globally dispersed and we are only seeing about 15% of Hostnames on Used nodes.  How do we increase this percentage?

      We are trying to move away from spreadsheets for tracking and have imported quite a bit of legacy data that we need to validate


      System Overview
      Orion Platform 2018.2 HF4, IPAM 4.7.0, VNQM 4.5.0, NCM 7.8, CloudMonitoring 2.0.1, NPM 12.3, DPAIM 11.1.0, NTA 4.4.0, VMAN 8.2.1 HF1, UDT 3.3.1, SAM 6.6.1, NetPath 1.1.3

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          IPAM tries to gather hostnames from SNMP, so the first low hanging fruit is to make sure that all the appropriate community strings have been added to the IPAM settings (this is completely separate from the list in NPM or other parts of orion)

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            We had the same problem no host names would show up in ipam, we run ipam 4.5.1 and I found a fix that works and it will populate the host names for all of the zones, what I did was on the server that iPam is running on add a single entry to the host file for some system I added one for one of our SCCM servers. I then saved the hosts file and scanned one of the zones and all of the host names were populated for that zone, what I think is happening is iPam has a search order of local host file, local netbios/wins server query, remote netbios/wins server query, local dns cache, remote dns server query if it fails on the first one local host file it never tries the rest and then nothing get populated this is just my best guess but the fix worked for us.


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