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    MAC Address Discovery - randomly seems to give up

      I'm trying to run a MAC address discovery on one of my subnets, and it's not giving satisfactory or consistent results. I've just run the same discovery about five times in a row and it's returned anything from 200-600 nodes. It seems first of all to come back with a set of addresses spread seemingly randomly across the subnet. Then it starts building up a list from the beginning of the address range and gives up part way through. If it was stopping at the same point each time I'd think there was some limitation on the number of nodes it can discover, but the inconsistent behaviour is very odd. Is this a bug?

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          You should try and run a ping sweep across the subnet but build up your routers ARP table.  Then run the MAC add discovery and see what kind of results you get.  When I run the Discovery, it does vary it's results from time to time.  Not sure why that would be?


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