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    Avaya switches and NCM


      Hello everyone,


      I've recently installed the trial version of NCM to confirm it plays nicely with an Avaya environment before committing to the purchase. I've added a few nodes for testing purposes and I've been trying to perform a backup of the configuration as this is my primary reason for wanting NCM. I'm having issues with connecting to the switches and I believe it's something to do with the Connection Profile settings. It's that, or the issue maybe that with Avaya switches, once connected over Telnet/SSH you need to press CTRL+Y to receive a prompt asking for logon credentials. You can then login and you then need to press ENTER to receive your first prompt. I THINK NCM is just trying to input credentials and is timing out.


      My question is this, how do I configure NCM so that it sends the following commands:


      1: CTRL+Y

      2: Logon credentials

      3: ENTER

      4: any other commands such as Show run, show version etc.


      Any help here will be greatly appreciated. I've had success with this community in the past and I look forward to the discussion.