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    Shutdown vs Down Alerts


      Fairly new to NPM, so just fumbling my way through trying to tune it a bit so we get the right alerts and not so much noise.


      One thing we discovered today is when we ran a shutdown command on a interface that is monitored, we did not receive an interface status change alert email.


      I assume, that it first registers in NPM as interface "admin shutdown" (which we have alerts disabled at the moment) and then the interface as down.


      I brought the same interface back up and physically removed the cable, and we did receive the interface status change email.


      Could anyone please confirm this is the correct behavior?

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          That is the correct behavior. You could also change the Reset if you didn't want to receive the email or notification when the interface is back up. Alternatively if you are going to shut something down and complete some kind of maintenance etc you also have the options to briefly unmanage the device to stop polling it or simply mute the alerts for that device as well. I'm an Engineer with Loop1 and we provide SolarWinds professional/consultative services. I have a bit of free time today if you have any more questions. We actually have a SolarWinds 101 class for new SolarWinds users that can be a lifesaver if you've just gotten thrown into it.




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