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    DPA-VMAN-Scripts Questions




      l need a help. l have a questions;


      1- On DPA, l want to run script to see databases table size for mssql, oracle etc. After that, script triggers alert. When l run script on solarwinds, ıt can just look database first table value, it can not look another table without first table. But when l run  script without solarwinds platform, script is running normally. What is the problem? Why isn’t script run on solarwinds, normally ?       


      2-İf l add just a vmware or hyper-v on solarwinds, automatically is it bring all virtual servers from vmware or hyper-v? Every time, l don’t want to add virtual servers individually for each one. İf it brings virtual servers, can l see monitor disk, cpu, ram, etc for virtual servers ? For example, l just added vmware machine to monitoring. After that, l created new virtual server in vmware. And then, automatically can it bring new virtual server to monitoring from vmware ? (But l don’t want to add new virtual server from solarwinds add node menu)     


      3- Does alert action trigger to run a script for any remote servers? When alert was triggered, can it run script on any remote servers? Is it possible?