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    SAM: Windows Activations


      Hello Community,


      How can I create a report that contains output from a WQL query within a WMI application monitor? 


      I want to report on the license activation status of multiple Windows Servers. I want the report to contain one of the possible output values of the Description and LicenseStatus properties of the SoftwareLicensingProduct class.


      I have created a component WMI monitor using the Root\CIMv2 namespace SoftwareLicensingProduct class , which is working.


      Select Description,LicenseStatus from SoftwareLicensingProduct where Description like'%VOLUME_MAK%' or Description like'%OEM%' and LicenseStatus ='1'





      Data type: uint32

      Access type: Read-only

      Specifies the license status of this product application. The following values are possible.


      0 Unlicensed

      1 Licensed

      2 OOBGrace

      3 OOTGrace

      4 NonGenuineGrace

      5 Notification

      6 ExtendedGrace