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    HA ip calculation




      On e of our customer has for the time being a SW server with an IP address like x.y.z.131, the gateway is x.y.z.1.


      The customer wish to setup the HA mode and wish also to keep the current IP address as the HA vip address.

      Based on SW doc we have to convert the IP address to binary and compare to the gateway IP address.

      Unfortunalty in our case

      the gateway is


      the VIP address is


      we only match on the first 24 bits.


      What could be the valid ip address in order to keep th VIP address the polling address ?



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          You actually make this sound really complicated but to be honest from my perspective its easy. Give your app server a new physical ip address which is obviously static. Run the configuration wizard. Then configure the HA VIP with the old physical ip address of the server. Just keep all on the same subnet. That way the polling address will be the same in a HA situation.

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            David Smith

            Hi MathieuJM like James says try not to over think it, the documentation doesn't make it as clear as it should.


            Basically, if you want to keep the current IP to use as the VIP, then I would suggest you assign 2 x New IP's to use for the Primary and Standby Server. I would recommend they are HIGHER than z.x.y.132 (.132-.254) to ensure that the VIP IP is the closest match to the Gateway.


            Then as mentioned just change the existing servers IP and run the Configuration Wizard, this will update the IP in the database, then you will be fine to deploy HA.

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              Thank you all.


              Due to this particular configuration we finally choose not to keep the current server IP address as the VIP. We will choose a new IP address that is before the .128.

              with a gateway ip between .1 and .127 we need to choose a VIP in the same half range IP.