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    pfSense & NET-SEND


      Hello everyone!


      So a bit of background. We have a pfsense box that we tied to for the next year at least. It has two Internet connections that operate in active/standby scenario. pfsense tests each link to verify that it is online. From the command line, we can execute a script that will list the connections and its status.


      We've created an Extended NET-SEND command that is able to pull the connection status where the states are:

      • none - working
      • down - not working
      • latency - latency detected


      At this time, we are only concerned if the connection is working or not working.


      How do I use SolarWinds to represent this data? Can it be displayed as an interface? Can I create a table and show the connections' status?


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!