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    Linux PM2 / NodeJS Monitoring


      Hey all.  Monitoring a Linux server via SNMP.  I'm trying to create an Process Monitor (SNMP) in SAM that can monitor about four difference PM2 / Node JS processes. The difficult part of this is that there isn't a way that I know f to get the actual process.


      I've tried several variations for the Process Name and Command Line Filter with no success, including:

      - node.exe

      - "PM2 v2.4.6: God Daemon (/home/nmgr/.pm2)"

      - "node /.local/node/services/ebs-rest/server/server.js"


      I'm sure I have this completely wrong.  If anyone has suggestions or recommendations, i'm all ears.


      Plan B would be to just write a script on the Linux server to output the onlne/offline status and send a notification along with a restart script.