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    NPM 12.3 Consuming All Memory


      Since upgrading to NPM 12.3 / SAM 6.6.1 / VNQM 4.5 / NTA 4.4, my main server and both APE (Additional Polling Engines) boot up and run fine at a small fraction of the available memory, but as time passes, they consume it all.


      Last week, I rebooted my main server since it was no longer functioning correctly (stops rendering pages) at noon on Thursday. It was running fine using 6.6GB of 16GB of RAM. By Friday at 6am, the server consumed all physical memory. My APEs both have 12GB of RAM. They work fine after a reboot, but consume available RAM in 12 hours. Also after the reboot, virtual memory starts climbing. That seems to peak at 80%. Eventually, the systems become unstable (not collecting data or rendering pages) and I reboot to clear. Systems work great after a reboot.


      Are other having this issue?