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    Alerting Service Actions Failure

    David Smith

      Hey Fellow Thwacksters, I have seen an issue with Alerting service in two different client environments this week and have got stumped as to how to proceed.


      In both environments, the clients have confirmed that alerts are still being trigged and are showing up in the Orion web console, and dashboards are highlighting status changes (where applicable). However, they get no emails.


      If I try and simulate an alert I get an error - "An Error has Occurred"


      In the Alerting.Service.V2 log file it is full of errors like this:


      2018-07-31 08:41:48,353 [55] ERROR SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Alerting.Service.ActionsResolverInternal.PendingExecutionActions - System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Common.CoreFaultContract]: ProvideFault failed, check fault information. (Fault Detail is equal to SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Common.CoreFaultContract(Unknown): System.ComponentModel.Composition.CompositionException: The composition produced a single composition error. The root cause is provided below. Review the CompositionException.Errors property for more detailed information.

      1) The composition failed because it did not complete within '100' iterations. This is most likely caused by a cycle in the dependency graph of a part which is marked with a non-shared creation policy.


      Resulting in: Cannot get export 'SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Actions.Impl.Email.EmailExecutor (ContractName="SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Models.Actions.Contracts.IActionExecutor")' from part 'SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Actions.Impl.Email.EmailExecutor'.

      Element: SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Actions.Impl.Email.EmailExecutor (ContractName="SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Models.Actions.Contracts.IActionExecutor") -->  SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Actions.Impl.Email.EmailExecutor -->  AssemblyCatalog (Assembly="SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Actions, Version=2018.2.5200.5426, Cul...).


      I've tried restarting the alerting service but that doesn't resolve the issue. If I stop and restart all the services then it seems to restore service but only for a short period of time.

      Permission Checker didn't show any issues


      Has anybody seen anything similar and resolved it?


      I do have a case open with SolarWinds Tech - CASE# 151769 so will update if I hear anything back from them.