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    Migrating NPM from physical server to VM



      Our current environment is a physical server which is our primary poller, and we have a secondary poller which is a VM.  Our primary poller is about three-five years old and is running 2012 R2.  I read that in future NPM releases, 2012 will no longer be supported. 


      To those of you that running your primary poller as a VM, how close to the recommended specifications did you follow?  We have 5 modules which they recommend 16 cores and 24GB of RAM.  Also, do you dedicate a physical NIC for your deployment?  On our secondary poller today, we have a shared NIC.


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          Mark Roberts

          You do not state how loaded your 5 Orion modules are, but I am taking it you got the 16 core 24GB recommendation from the Multi Module sizing guide.


          The beauty of VM is the ability to adjust resource assignment easily and therefore you can tune the specification based on actual usage. I suggest to our customers that they determine the ease at which resources can be added and if difficult will size higher, to allow them to reclaim resources once they have a baseline. If it is easy, then I will use my experience to get the appropriate size and ensure the customer is prepared to add more resource if it turns out necessary.


          Regarding the dedicated NIC, this really depends on other VM's configured on the host. We are talking about monitoring and therefore it is important the measurements being processed are not affected by anything. Therefore the use of a dedicated NIC keeps the communication clean on the host level.


          I hope this helps.


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