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    Including Statistic and Message variable values in your Alert


      Is there a variable, which can be inserted into an alert, which encompasses the values created in an Application Monitor?


      I have created a script which does an SNMPGET, checks the value therein, and if it is a match to a desired value, returns


      Message.Next_Hop:  (not the real address)

      Statistic.Next_Hop: 1   (A success - no alert)


      if it fails,


      Message.Next_Hop: (again, not the real address -- BUT...it is the returned address currently poked in that SNMP OID. )

      Statistic.Next_Hop: 0  (A failure - generates alert)


      When the alert goes off, I want to be able to include the Message, so I can inform the alert recipient of what address has replaced the good address we usually desire.  Currently, I have this message:


      The application ${N=SwisEntity;M=ApplicationAlert.ApplicationName} on ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.Caption} (${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.IP_Address}) is currently in a state of "${N=SwisEntity;M=ApplicationAlert.ApplicationAvailability}". The following is a list of components in this application presently in distress.




      ...and I want to put in something like,


      This alert indicates that the value of the address has changed from "" (the desired address) to "" (the address now inhabiting the OID).


      Does anyone know if there is a variable which can be inserted in the alert body text to provide the Message or Statistic values?