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    UDT Software with Avaya/Extreme ERS4800


      Hello I have a question...

      I am currently running an Extreme Campus Fabric network, I am utilizing mostly ERS4850 switches with 3 ERS4950. I currently can pull port information from the 4900, for example, devices plugged in MAC, IP addresses, VLAN etc etc.

      However I am not getting the same information from the ERS4800 switches.

      I have confirmed SNMP settings, community etc etc, I am able to POLL the switch and receive information from the network manager. I can see on the UDT that the ports on the 4800 are being used, I can pull the IP and MAC from the IPAM.

      I am ARPing to the 8404 core which I can also pull the same information with no problems. I can see on the core what MACs, IPs, and DNS are plugged into the NNI ports.

      This is a Fabric Campus network so Edge to Core is L2, all routing takes placed on the edge and the core.

      Just seeing if anyone has come across this on these particular switches, as I said, I can see all the information from the Core but nothing on the edge switch and it is only the 4800s not the 4900s.

      I believe the issue falls on the edge switch itself.