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    Alerts and Events


      Fairly new to Solarwinds and trying to get my head around alerts and events. Understand the idea of alerts and how to set them up etc....But what are the events used for. Does an event get triggered by something other than alert, or do you need an alert to raise an event ( and why would you bother ). When would you use events over alerts. All the doco seems to talk about setting alerts and events up but not why one of the other.

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          Mark Roberts

          Our best practice advice is to create with the alert action the 'Log to Orion Event Manager' action. The reason for this is that the event message can be viewed for longer than the Alert history information and that the content of this can be written out in a more usable and easily readable manner. Just think of events in this context as being a method to record textual content in a more controlled manner than the alert content. However, since SolarWinds added the Alert description field which can take this, the use of events as an output action has lessened. The choice is yours on which to use.


          Events could also be used as a filter within other alerts, so I have done this before when the creation of event messages can trigger new alerts.