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    UDT not working with Juniper EX-2300 series


      We have a fairly large deployment of Juniper access layer switching that until about a year ago was mostly the EX2200 series. Over the last year and a half we've started using the EX2300 series and unfortunately cannot get UDT working. As we continue to lifecycle devices our population of the 2300 series switches has increased greatly and not being able to use UDT on these devices is frustrating.


      Last year we contacted both Solarwinds support and Juniper about this and what we found is that Juniper changed OIDs somewhere between the EX2200 series we have running OS 12.x to the EX233 series we are now getting running OS 15.x. This is also causing issues with vlan polling.


      Has anybody else ran into this issue and if so what are you doing about it? Solarwinds asked us to submit a feature request for this which we did, but that was a year ago and Juniper has also not been able to help. Within another year or two we'll have refreshed all of our devices and if this is still not working UDT will become completely useless to us.


      Forgot to mention that this will not work with on any Juniper ELS devices. With everything in their product line heading this way I would hope something will change to get this working in the near future.