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    Static IP Discovery




      I am currently evaluating IPAM and I am facing a small problem.


      I added a DHCP Server, got a nice list of scopes and corresponding discovered subnets. But in those subnets I only see the IPs that are managed by the DHCP Server itself, even if the filter set to "all". I redid a scan on one of the subnets but no change.

      So, how do I get the static IPs to show in that those subnets? Do I need to add IP ranges to the subnets?


      Thank you in advance for any help provided.

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          IPAM is capable of automatically adding the DHCP scope subnets and then scan the subnets for used static IP addresses.


          Try checking your DHCP server properties in IPAM to make sure that the 'New Scope and Subnet Settings' are enabled.

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              thank you for the answer. I checked and the scan settings properties look ok.

              I think my problem is that only parts of the scope are included (and other are excluded) from the Address Pool. It looks like IPAM only scans the IPs that can really be assigned by the DHCP server. The scope in question is used for servers. Most of those only use static IPs and a few use DHCP.

              I manually added a range of IPs, that are not not included in the address pool, to the corresponding subnet and those IPs got scanned without problem.

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                  I am also evaluating Solarwinds IPAM and experiencing similar issue. Our Static IP range not assigned through DHCP and I need to add static IP list to IPAM and monitor. Hope this is possible since I have added our DNS servers to IP Address manager. Please guide me how to proceed on this.

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                Select the scope in the "Manage subnets & IP Addresses" page, and then in the IP list you have the option of adding an IP range to the scope.

                That should allow you to add all the static IP's not covered by the DHCP pool.